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Here are the packages we offer to target website TRAFFIC by KEYWORDS. This is one of the BEST ways to target traffic because this can also help your search terms RANK BETTER as visitors find your website using keywords. Pick up to 3 keywords targeted to your niche!


Here are the packages we offer to target website traffic by keywords. This is one of the best ways to target traffic because this can also help your search terms on search engines as visitors are finding your website using keywords. You can choose up to 3 keywords to target with this package.

Number of Visitors

5000, 20000, 50000, 100000, 200000, 400000, 500000, 1000000

7 reviews for Traffic by Keywords

  1. Cori Yates

    By being able to target the website traffic your visitor package provided me by keywords, I saw a 37% increase in my search engine rankings for the keyword phrases I targeted!

  2. Troy P.

    Thanks for the quick web traffic to my site! Google Analytics is showing the keywords traffic coming from organic google searches, which is great!

    Only downside is I wish I could have used more than 3 keywords with my order. But, Awesome service!!

  3. Sara

    This is my second order. Happy I found your site. It allows me to get all different kinds of traffic, which is great! ⭐️

  4. Kevin L.

    Very good! I got a lot of traffic from some really popular search words. Didn’t expect it to work so quickly. Definitely not complaining though! Going to use some of the money I made from extra sales to buy some backlinks from you now. thx

  5. MonitorMy.Website

    Nice feature to get us traffic from search terms we aren’t ranking for with our SEO efforts.

  6. Eric

    Seems better than the last traffic I bought. Made the mistake of trusting the CHEAP traffic gig on Fiverr, so was a bit skeptical. But the visitors you sent me were great!


  7. Agency SEO Services

    Thanks to your website visitor packages, we were able to boost our revenue from sales up enough to help get us through these tough times. So GLAD we found your traffic services!

    Thanks a bunch CrazyVisitors!!

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